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FLINT Community Care is always grateful for any support especially of non perishable pantry items or by purchasing our "Food for Thought" pay it forward food box, which can be found in our shop. At times we may have a pay it forward food drive for special occasions such as Christmas or in times of catastrophe and severe hardship.

We would also love to hear from you if you have some time to volunteer with us.  Our Flint Community Care Family come from all walks of life and commit different amounts of time, from one hour a week to full time volunteering. There are so many roles involved in our family, from managing teams, admin support, cleaning, packing food boxes, making cuppas and chatting, we can work together to ensure you have a valued place in the family. You will find the Flint Community Care family is a caring bunch always ready for a laugh or to lend an ear in time of need.

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