Flint Community Care, formerly known as Nairne Fire Support has recently changed names to reflect our growing support within the Adelaide Hills and surrounding communities.

The name Flint Community Care pays respect to the Peramangk culture and stems from the use of flint as a fire starter.

The Peramangk people and their generations are the Indigenous Australians and custodians of the land we stand upon today, known for using and trading flint as it is found in the landscape of the Adelaide Hills. 

In Aboriginal culture, fire is not about devastation, but rather bringing community together to learn, strengthen, celebrate, and share resources. 

This is at the very heart of  Flint Community Care, we are here to listen, share, sustain and strengthen the community, with a vision to enhance  community spirit where we are all supporting each other.  


We Love Our Community

Our Mission

Setting the Foundations:

Listening to people and acknowledging culture, gathering knowledge, identifying needs, establishing rapport, and allowing sustainability.

Strengthening Resources:

Bringing a group of people together with complementary skills, collaborating with local businesses, NFP, and government agencies, exploring possibilities, and creative use of available resources.

Sharing the Heart:

Inclusiveness of all, responsive and practical support including an Indigenous focus, which allows warmth, sharing knowledge, spirit, and storytelling.

Sustaining Significance:

Supporting people to discover their inner strength; restore, connect and enhance community relationships; build resilience; encouraging self-determination and weaving a new story with future generations.

Introducing Our Steering Committee 


Founder and Operations Manager:  Jade Brooks

Stella Jacobs

Brett Gabel

Kelly Northey

Matthew Gadsden

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